ut command


ut [-r<runs>] [-f] [-I<n>:<one_test>] [<suite> [<test>]]

   <runs>      Number of times to run each test
   -f          Force 'manual' tests to run as well
   <n>         Run <one test> after <n> other tests have run
   <one_test>  Name of the 'one' test to run
   <suite>     Test suite to run, or `all`
   <test>      Name of single test to run


The ut command runs unit tests written in C.

Typically the command is run on Sandbox since it includes a near-complete set of emulators, no code-size limits, many CONFIG options enabled and runs easily in CI without needing QEMU. It is also possible to run some tests on real boards.

For a list of available test suites, type ut by itself.

Each test is normally run once, although those marked with UT_TESTF_DM are run with livetree and flattree where possible. To run a test more than once, use the -r flag.

Manual tests are normally skipped by this command. Use -f to run them. See See Mixing Python and C for more information on manual test.

When running unit tests, some may have side effects which cause a subsequent test to break. This can sometimes be seen when using ‘ut dm’ or similar. To fix this, select the ‘one’ test which breaks. Then tell the ‘ut’ command to run this one test after a certain number of other tests have run. Using a binary search method with -I you can quickly figure one which test is causing the problem.

Generally all tests in the suite are run. To run just a single test from the suite, provide the <test> argument.

See Writing C tests for more information on how to write unit tests.


List available unit-test suites:

=> ut
ut - unit tests

ut [-r] [-f] [<suite>] - run unit tests
-r<runs>   Number of times to run each test
-f         Force 'manual' tests to run as well
<suite>    Test suite to run, or all

all - execute all enabled tests
addrmap - very basic test of addrmap command
bloblist - bloblist implementation
bootstd - standard boot implementation
compression - compressors and bootm decompression
dm - driver model
env - environment
fdt - fdt command
loadm - loadm command parameters and loading memory blob
lib - library functions
log - logging functions
mem - memory-related commands
overlay - device tree overlays
print  - printing things to the console
setexpr - setexpr command
str - basic test of string functions
time - very basic test of time functions
unicode - Unicode functions

Run one of the suites:

=> ut bloblist
Running 14 bloblist tests
Test: bloblist_test_align: bloblist.c
Test: bloblist_test_bad_blob: bloblist.c
Test: bloblist_test_blob: bloblist.c
Test: bloblist_test_blob_ensure: bloblist.c
Test: bloblist_test_blob_maxsize: bloblist.c
Test: bloblist_test_checksum: bloblist.c
Test: bloblist_test_cmd_info: bloblist.c
Test: bloblist_test_cmd_list: bloblist.c
Test: bloblist_test_grow: bloblist.c
Test: bloblist_test_init: bloblist.c
Test: bloblist_test_reloc: bloblist.c
Test: bloblist_test_resize_fail: bloblist.c
Test: bloblist_test_resize_last: bloblist.c
Test: bloblist_test_shrink: bloblist.c
Failures: 0

Run just a single test in a suite:

=> ut bloblist bloblist_test_grow
Test: bloblist_test_grow: bloblist.c
Failures: 0

Show information about tests:

=> ut info
Test suites: 21
Total tests: 642