echo command


echo [-n] [args ...]


The echo command prints its arguments to the console separated by spaces.


Do not print a line feed after the last argument.


Arguments to be printed. The arguments are evaluated before being passed to the command.


Strings are parsed before the arguments are passed to the echo command:

=> echo "a" 'b' c
a b c

Observe how variables included in strings are handled:

=> setenv var X; echo "a)" ${var} 'b)' '${var}' c) ${var}
a) X b) ${var} c) X

-n suppresses the line feed:

=> echo -n 1 2 3; echo a b c
1 2 3a b c
=> echo -n 1 2 3
1 2 3=>

A more complex example:

=> for i in a b c; do for j in 1 2 3; do echo -n "${i}${j}, "; done; echo; done;
a1, a2, a3,
b1, b2, b3,
c1, c2, c3,

Return value

The return value $? is always set to 0 (true).