fwu_mdata_read command




The fwu_mdata_read command is used to read the FWU metadata structure. The command prints out information about the current active bank, the previous active bank, image GUIDs, image acceptance etc.

The output may look like:

=> fwu_mdata_read
        FWU Metadata
crc32: 0xec4fb997
version: 0x1
active_index: 0x0
previous_active_index: 0x1
        Image Info

Image Type Guid: 19D5DF83-11B0-457B-BE2C-7559C13142A5
Location Guid: 49272BEB-8DD8-46DF-8D75-356C65EFF417
Image Guid:  D57428CC-BB9A-42E0-AA36-3F5A132059C7
Image Acceptance: yes
Image Guid:  2BE37D6D-8281-4938-BD7B-9A5BBF80869F
Image Acceptance: yes


To use the fwu_mdata_read command, CONFIG_CMD_FWU_METADATA needs to be enabled.