addrmap command




The addrmap command is used to display non-identity virtual-physical memory mappings for 32-bit CPUs.

The output may look like:

=> addrmap
           vaddr            paddr             size
================ ================ ================
        e0000000        fe0000000         00100000
        00000000         00000000         04000000
        04000000         04000000         04000000
        80000000        c00000000         10000000
        90000000        c10000000         10000000
        a0000000        fe1000000         00010000

The first column indicates the virtual address. The second column indicates the physical address. The third column indicates the mapped size.


To use the addrmap command you must specify CONFIG_CMD_ADDRMAP=y. It is automatically turned on when CONFIG_ADDR_MAP is set.