seama command


seama <dst_addr> <index>


The seama command is used to load and decode SEAttle iMAges from NAND flash to memory.

This type of flash image is found in some D-Link routers such as DIR-645, DIR-842, DIR-859, DIR-860L, DIR-885L, DIR890L and DCH-M225, as well as in WD and NEC routers on the ath79 (MIPS), Broadcom BCM53xx, and RAMIPS platforms.

This U-Boot command will read and decode a SEAMA image from raw NAND flash on any platform. As it is always using big endian format for the data decoding is always necessary on platforms such as ARM.


destination address of the byte stream to be loaded


the image index (0, 1, 2..) can be omitted


=> seama 0x01000000
Loading SEAMA image 0 from nand0
  metadata size 36
  image size 8781764
  checksum 054859cfb1487b59befda98824e09dd6
Decoding SEAMA image 0x01000040..0x01860004 to 0x01000000


The command is available if CONFIG_CMD_SEAMA=y.

Return value

The return value $? is set 0 (true) if the loading is succefull, and is set to 1 (false) in case of error.

The environment variable $seama_image_size is set to the size of the loaded SEAMA image.