The U-Boot Documentation

This is the top level of the U-Boot’s documentation tree. U-Boot documentation, like the U-Boot itself, is very much a work in progress; that is especially true as we work to integrate our many scattered documents into a coherent whole. Please note that improvements to the documentation are welcome; join the U-Boot list at if you want to help out.

User-oriented documentation

The following manuals are written for users of the U-Boot - those who are trying to get it to work optimally on a given system.

Developer-oriented documentation

The following manuals are written for developers of the U-Boot - those who want to contribute to U-Boot.

U-Boot API documentation

These books get into the details of how specific U-Boot subsystems work from the point of view of a U-Boot developer. Much of the information here is taken directly from the U-Boot source, with supplemental material added as needed (or at least as we managed to add it - probably not all that is needed).

Architecture-specific doc

These books provide programming details about architecture-specific implementation.

Board-specific doc

These books provide details about board-specific information. They are organized in a vendor subdirectory.

Android-specific doc

These books provide information about booting the Android OS from U-Boot, manipulating Android images from U-Boot shell and discusses other Android-specific features available in U-Boot.

Chromium OS-specific doc

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