Documentation Style

Documentation is crucial for the U-Boot project. It has to encompass the needs of different reader groups from first time users to developers and maintainers. This requires different types of documentation like tutorials, how-to-guides, explanatory texts, and reference.

We want to be able to generate documentation in different target formats. We therefore use Sphinx for the generation of documents from reStructured text.

We apply the following rules:

  • Documentation files are located in doc/ or its sub-directories.

  • Each documentation file is added to an index page to allow navigation to the document.

  • For documentation we use reStructured text conforming to the requirements of Sphinx.

  • For documentation within code we follow the Linux kernel guide Writing kernel-doc comments.

  • We try to stick to 80 columns per line in documents.

  • For tables we prefer simple tables over grid tables. We avoid list tables as they make the reStructured text documents hard to read.

  • Before submitting documentation patches we build the HTML documentation and fix all warnings. The build process is described in Building documentation.