SBC-RK3588-AMR Jaguar

The SBC-RK3588-AMR is a Single Board Computer designed by Theobroma Systems for autonomous mobile robots.

It provides the following features:

  • up to 32GB LDDR4

  • up to 128GB on-module eMMC (with 8-bit 1.8V interface)

  • SD card

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • 1x USB-A 2.0 host

  • PCIe M.2 2230 Key M (Gen 2 1-lane) for WiFi+BT

  • PCIe M.2 2280 Key M (Gen 3 4-lane) for NVMe

  • CAN

  • RS485 UART

  • 2x USB Type-C 3.1 host/device

  • HDMI output

  • 2x camera connectors (MIPI-CSI 2-lane I2C/SPI for IMUs GPIOs)


  • Secure Element

  • ATtiny companion controller implementing:

    • low-power RTC functionality (ISL1208 emulation)

    • fan controller (AMC6821 emulation)

  • 80-pin Mezzanine connector

Here is the step-by-step to boot to U-Boot on SBC-RK3588-AMR Jaguar from Theobroma Systems.

Get the TF-A and DDR init (TPL) binaries

git clone
cd rkbin
export RKBIN=$(pwd)
export BL31=$RKBIN/bin/rk35/rk3588_bl31_v1.38.elf
export ROCKCHIP_TPL=$RKBIN/bin/rk35/rk3588_ddr_lp4_2112MHz_lp5_2736MHz_v1.11.bin
sed -i 's/^uart baudrate=.*$/uart baudrate=115200/' tools/ddrbin_param.txt
./tools/ddrbin_tool tools/ddrbin_param.txt "$ROCKCHIP_TPL"
./tools/boot_merger RKBOOT/RK3588MINIALL.ini
export RKDB=$RKBIN/rk3588_spl_loader_v1.11.112.bin

This will setup all required external dependencies for compiling U-Boot. This will be updated in the future once upstream Trusted-Firmware-A supports RK3588 or U-Boot gains support for open-source DRAM initialization in TPL.

Build U-Boot

cd ../u-boot
make CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- jaguar-rk3588_defconfig all

This will build u-boot-rockchip.bin which can be written to an MMC device (eMMC or SD card).

Flash the image

Copy u-boot-rockchip.bin to offset 32k for SD/eMMC.


dd if=u-boot-rockchip.bin of=/dev/sdX seek=64


Replace /dev/sdX to match your SD card kernel device.


rkdeveloptool allows to flash the on-board eMMC via the USB OTG interface with help of the Rockchip loader binary.

To enter the USB flashing mode, remove any SD card, insert a USB-C cable in the DOWNLOAD USB Type-C connector (P11) and then power cycle or reset the board while pressing the BIOS (SW2) button. A new USB device should have appeared on your PC (check with lsusb -d 2207:350b).

To flash U-Boot on the eMMC with rkdeveloptool:

git clone
cd rkdeveloptool
autoreconf -i && CPPFLAGS=-Wno-format-truncation ./configure && make
./rkdeveloptool db "$RKDB"
./rkdeveloptool wl 64 ../u-boot-rockchip.bin