Synopsys’ DesignWare(r) ARC(r) Processors are a family of 32-bit CPUs that SoC designers can optimize for a wide range of uses, from deeply embedded to high-performance host applications.

More information on ARC cores avaialble here:

Designers can differentiate their products by using patented configuration technology to tailor each ARC processor instance to meet specific performance, power and area requirements.

The DesignWare ARC processors are also extendable, allowing designers to add their own custom instructions that dramatically increase performance.

Synopsys’ ARC processors have been used by over 170 customers worldwide who collectively ship more than 1 billion ARC-based chips annually.

All DesignWare ARC processors utilize a 16-/32-bit ISA that provides excellent performance and code density for embedded and host SoC applications.

The RISC microprocessors are synthesizable and can be implemented in any foundry or process, and are supported by a complete suite of development tools.

The ARC GNU toolchain with support for all ARC Processors can be downloaded from here (available pre-built toolchains as well):